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Proven Effective For All Children In the 5 to 12 Years Bracket

The BOUNCE Back 4 Kids programme has proven highly effective with all children in the ages of 5 to 12 years of age in improving their fine and gross motor skills. This means that irrespective of any child’s initial capabilities safe wooden tea set, having a child attend a BOUNCE Back 4 Kids programme will improve their abilities .

Some of the children which benefit greatly from BB4Kids include:

  • Children with delayed fine and gross motor development.
  • Children who experience problems with writing and hand/eye co-ordination issues.
  • Children with low muscle tone, postural issues, or who experience general aches and pains.
  • Children with hypermobile and/or joint laxity in the hands, legs or generally
  • Children with poor balance, co-ordination and motor planning (sometimes referred to as clumsy or uncoordinated).
  • Children who struggle to join in with recess and school sporting activities due to lack of confidence or lack of sporting/coordination ability.
  • Diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Depression, Anxiety, Dyspraxia/Physical disability.
  • Public Referrals from concerned parents, teachers and family members wanting to optimise any primary school child’s fine and gross motor skills.
  • Allied Health and Medical referrals from: GP’s; Paediatric specialists; Physios; OT’s; Speech therapist; Psychologists; Sports instructors/Coaches; School environment where possible.

If you have children in any of these categories, or you’d like to give your child patients the optimum chance of physical and emotional development, then contact us today to discuss how the BB4Kids programme can be slotted into your practice to significantly improve your offering and make a real difference to the children in your local area. Click here to download the parent questionnaire.