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Below are just a few of the processes and example exercises used throughout the BB4Kids process. It is important to note that these exercises are progression based and dependant on the specific skills and capabilities of each individual. They are fun and play based and designed for successful outcomes and encouragement, no matter what the starting point.

  • Building key areas of fine motor development:

    Finger and wrist position strength games, Pincer grip development

  • Progressed to functional fine motor skills:

    In hand manipulation games and optimal pencil grip development

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  • Building complexity of fine motor skills with precision and endurance:

    Finger and wrist extension strengthening games, hand intrinsic strengthening

  • Building upper body control to support fine motor development:

    Shoulder and upper body control games and eye / hand precision activities

  • Balance activities in standing, sitting and one-legged tasks:

    Progressed with changes in base of support, speed or strength, time constraints, noise distraction and visual challenges.

For other exercises or to learn how you can implement the BB4Kids programme at your practice, complete the expression of interest form or contact us today to learn more.