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King Chance Casino is the largest market for gambling in the world, all in one place. They offer poker, table games, slot machines and much more, all run from the same website - kings chance casino australia. The company has existed in Norway since 2004, and is among the largest gambling networks in the world. They have won a number of awards in a number of different categories and are truly one of the heaviest in the casino industry. Year after year, they have entered several markets and today can also boast of being listed in Stockholm. They operate with gaming licenses in many countries and due to strict requirements it is not just about applying for it, but one has to meet these requirements to get it. This shows that you are a very serious player and that makes it very safe for you as a customer to use King Chance Casino. King Chance Casino Group has actually experience in the gaming industry of more than 50 years and this is well shown. That the site is extremely user-friendly and clear, and that you can offer a lot of games, King Chance Casino is still in very good development. Today, they have around 2,000 employees around the world, spread across 45 different nationalities. King Chance Casino took early command of the industry and has been one of the largest since their launch. Almost every week, new casinos are launched around the world and there are only a few of those who actually manage to establish themselves well in the market and become a gaming company to be reckoned with. King Chance Casino managed this excellently and the expertise that lies at the bottom is invaluable.


King Chance Casino offers a fantastic welcome bonus for both poker and casino players. At King Chance Casino's casino, you get 100% extra on your first 3 deposits, up to NOK 1,000 each time, and NOK 3,000 in total. In addition, with each deposit you get free spins, 50 on your first and 75 on deposits number 2 and 3. Poker has its own welcome bonus, and you can choose from 4 variations depending on how much you want to deposit and play with. All bonuses work in a similar way. Each time you rake for € 5, you unlock a € 1 bonus. Once you have unlocked enough to get 1 of the pending bonus sections, you will receive the full amount. For example, when you have shaved for € 125, you open up part 1 of the first bonus of € 100. After 125 more in a rake, you get 25 more, until you have received the full amount of 100 €.


King Chance Casino Poker offers many tournaments, including daily freerolls that anyone can participate in without restrictions. In addition, they have beginner tournaments, where new players can try out the tournament format for free. In the tournament overview you will find everything you need for selection in poker tournaments. Knockout tournaments, Hold’em, PLO – there is no shortage of selection at King Chance Casino.


King Chance Casino uses MicroGaming's poker platform. MicroGaming is a respected poker platform, and uses poker sites around the world, to great success. The platform does not boast all the features of any of the major poker sites available, but it still provides a solid poker experience that can be played completely in the browser, as an app on mobile and tablet or as a downloadable program on your PC or Mac.


King Chance Casino offers casino games from virtually all major game developers in the casino industry. NetEnt, MicroGaming, Play’n GO, you name it and they have it available. Even your own in-house produced games can be found at King Chance Casino. So whether you are looking for poker, slot machines or live casino, King Chance Casino has it all available. And with varied welcome bonuses for the various products, you definitely have something to look forward to when you create an account with King Chance Casino.


King Chance Casino started in 2002 as a pure bookmaker, and still today the support of the players is fairly divided within casino and odds games. Which means you will always find worse players. Poker rooms that also offer casinos basically have a somewhat lower level than pure poker rooms. Especially at lower limits, in almost every session you meet a number of players who do most things with a serious lack of understanding of the game. For players with some experience, King Chance Casino Poker is a poker room that can be relatively easy to increase their profits on.

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