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Is your Child Clumsy, Or Uncoordinated?

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Many parents think their children are just clumsy or uncoordinated and they incorrectly believe there is nothing that can be done about it.

The common approach that many parents adopt is to just keep kids busy with sporting activities in the hope that this constant activity will improve the fine and gross motor skills of their children, even if the kids are already experiencing problems with sports or even basic activities such as running and jumping. This type of approach can sometimes be detrimental to both the physical and mental well-being of a child, particularly during the formative years between the ages of five to twelve.

Breaking Down Learning Into Simple Chunks

It is important to realize that all motor skills can be broken down into smaller easier to learn components. The BOUNCE Back 4 kids programme starts with the smallest and easiest components of motor skills needed by children for school and sport. Then week by week these components are combined to build effective and sustainable motor control.

Children no longer need to feel inadequate or hopeless. Often basic issues of ‘clumsiness’ or even the inability to perform basic children tasks like throwing a ball or jumping, are the result of a lack of awareness on how to manage their fine and gross motor skills.

Positive And Proven Outcomes

By providing structured, fun and activity based exercises which engage and challenge the children (based on their own capabilities), each individual child is able to develop their skills, have lots of wins, feel successful (often for the first time), and really achieve growth, confidence and development in their life. It is during these tender ages of 5-12 years that make all the difference in their ability to perform basic functions effectively into adulthood.

Groundbreaking Research

Groundbreaking research in recent years has established positive links between improvements in fine and gross motor skills and parallel improvements in psychological status including anxiety, levels of confidence, coping with the social side of school including free time play activities.

BOUNCE back4kids uses an objective assessment of motor control before and after the program called the BOT2 (brief). The BOT2 (brief) yields a single score or overall motor proficiency, whilst containing enough detail to provide an overview of motor strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is one of the only standardised tests of motor function available for school aged children.

In research of 120 primary school children, the BOT2 scores were found to be significantly better in academically successful children then unsuccessful children. It can therefore be extrapolated from the research that if programs such as BOUNCE back 4 kids can improve fine and gross motor skills as tracked by the BOT2 (brief) then such changes can have a significant beneficial effects long term on Academic performance

Much Like Building Lego Blocks

By the end of the BOUNCE Back 4 Kids program, children have learnt complex motor control tasks like: good sitting and standing posture running, jumping, skipping, throwing, dribbling and catching a ball. This occurs by taking the small retrained motor control skills and building them together like Lego blocks to achieve a complex movement pattern.

That is why BB 4 Kids is an important step in building child confidence allowing them to successfully move onto other sporting activities and achieve success with confidence as the motor control as been built step by step.

Supporting The School Environment

Games developed within BOUNCE Back 4 kids can be generalised to school sports programs and school playgrounds. The comprehensive programme will provide BB4Kids practitioners with the ability to deliver support training for teachers to enable the development of fine/gross motor skill games as pause exercises between daily learning tasks and other school sport activities.

Advice on play equipment for fine and gross motor skill development is also available to practitioners who can help teachers and kids implement effective and fun strategies during recess and lunch breaks at school.

Occupational Therapy Combined With Physiotherapy Techniques

Not only has there been a significant amount of research into the physical development aspects of the BB4Kids programme from a physiotherapy background, the BB4Kids programme also uses specific developmental techniques developed and used in occupational therapy to achieve ultimate results at cbdschool.

Even with school work and fine motor control, BB4Kids works on the skills and movement patterns that underpin writings and eye hand coordination needed in the classroom. BB4kids can initially develop the fine motor skills that teachers will then build on to achieve greater academic confidence. Where there is the building of the child’s confidence then improvement in skill and ability often soon follows.

Click here to download the parent questionnaire or contact us today to learn more about how BOUNCE Back 4 Kids can make a difference to the children you treat at your healthcare practice.

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