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Improving Fine Motor Skills In 5-12 Year Olds

BOUNCE Back 4 Kids is a research based, innovative children’s exercise class programme designed to improve the fine motor skills in children in the 5-12 year age bracket.

Run in small group, play based classes, BOUNCE Back 4 Kids works on developing fine (particularly for academic tasks) and gross motor skills, balance, awareness, posture, core strength and motor planning. Get more information about new mobile slots. With a maximum of only four children allowed in each class, the BB4Kids programme ensures individual attention is applied within a fun, social setting.

Designed by skilled Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists with many years experience working with kids, BOUNCE Back 4 Kids also includes objective and validated pre and post program assessments with report back to referrer.

Aside from developing and improving the fine and gross motor skills of children in the 5 to 12 year age bracket, BB4Kids also develops and moulds social skills including verbal comprehension and their ability to follow instructions, sense of fair play, sharing, taking turns and participating as part of a team.

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Contact us today to learn more about how the BB4Kids programme can effectively be incorporated into your healthcare practice.

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